Future Directions is a change program launched by the Commission to improve the performance and quality of the services it provides. It delivers initiatives under four key themes, including increasing accountability.

Phase one completed

Member Code of Conduct

The Commission introduced a Member Conduct Guide and made it publicly available on its website in July 2012. An updated Member Code of Conduct was released on 1 March 2013.

Unfair dismissal outcomes

Statistical information on unfair dismissal outcomes at conciliation and arbitration is now published on the Commission’s website.

Future Directions updates

The Commission published regular updates detailing the progress made in implementing the initiatives set out in Future Directions. A final progress report in relation to the successful implementation of all 25 Future Directions initiatives was released on 6 December 2013.

User groups

The Commission established user groups to facilitate an exchange of views. The groups have provided valuable feedback on a number of the Commission’s initiatives.

Phase two commenced

The Commission’s performance against the International Framework for Tribunal Excellence

During the next two years the Commission will evaluate our performance against the International Framework for Tribunal Excellence to identify further measures to improve our performance against this Framework.

‘Day in the life’ of the Commission

The Commission will capture a snapshot of a ‘day in the life’ of the Commission. This will involve conducting a survey of all clients who have contact with the Commission during a particular period. This will enable the Commission to gain a better understanding of how clients use information and services available and whether we are providing services that meet their needs. This feedback may be used to better tailor information and service provision to suit the needs of clients and to improve client satisfaction.

Application benchmark information

In mid 2015 the Commission will run a pilot program to provide clients with selected application benchmark information as a guide to how long their application may take to be dealt with through to finalisation. Clients will benefit by being better informed of how long an average matter takes to be dealt with.

Performance indicator framework

The Commission will develop a performance indicator framework to provide greater reporting across a broader range of matters.


We will take steps to enhance transparency and accountability through investigating options for research to improve our public value and facilitating an external review of our performance indicator framework.

Additional timeliness benchmarks

By late 2014 the Commission will develop additional timeliness benchmarks for unfair dismissal matters.