Table S1—Expenses and resources for outcome
Outcome 1:
Simple, fair and flexible workplace relations for employees and employers through the exercise of powers to set and vary minimum wages and modern awards, facilitate collective bargaining, approve agreements and deal with disputes.
Actual expenses
Program 1:
Dispute resolution, minimum wages, orders and approval of agreements
Departmental expenses      
Departmental appropriation1 81 240 78 220 3020
Expenses not requiring appropriation in the budget year2 2576 2668 (92)
Total for Program 1 and Outcome 1 83 816 80 888 2928
  2012–13 2013–14  
Average Staffing Level (number)^ 318 336 (18)
* Full-year budget, including any subsequent adjustment made to the 2013-14 Budget.
^ Average Staffing Level (ASL) Per the 2013-14 Portfolio Budget Statements included full year funding for a new measure, Workplace Bullying - individual right of recourse. Funding for this measure was delayed post budget to begin from the 1st of January 2014. Please note: above ASL number includes Members of the Tribunal.
(1) Departmental Appropriation combines “Ordinary annual services (Appropriation Bill No. 1)” and “Revenue from independent sources (s31)”.
(2) Expenses not requiring appropriation in the Budget year is made up of Depreciation Expense, Amortisation Expense, Makegood Expense, Audit Fees.