Employee pay and entitlements

Collective and individual agreements

All non-Senior Executive Service (SES) employees are covered by the Fair Work Australia Enterprise Agreement 2011–14 (PDF) (FWAEA).

SES employees are covered by an individual Public Service Act 1999 section 24(1) determination.

Fair Work Australia Enterprise Agreement 2011–14

The FWAEA passed its nominal expiry date as of 30 June 2014. Fifteen bargaining meetings took place in 2014–15 between staff and management bargaining representatives for a new enterprise agreement.

Drawing on the Commission's 'New Approaches' program, staff and management representatives agreed to use an interest-based bargaining approach under which the bargaining group jointly explored underlying interests and issues in detail and attempted to find common solutions. Both staff and management bargaining representatives prepared draft clauses for discussion. After the end of the reporting period, management representatives presented a draft agreement to staff representatives for their consideration.

Senior Executive Service remuneration

The Commission has four SES employees. Conditions related to the employment of SES employees, including remuneration, are contained in individual determinations made under section 24(1) of the Public Service Act 1999. These determinations are comprehensive documents covering each employee's terms and conditions.

Non-salary benefits

Non-salary benefits are available to employees through the FWAEA, individual arrangements and other initiatives and include:

  • Time off in lieu of overtime.
  • Access to annual train, tram, bus and ferry tickets – the Commission pays the up-front cost and the employee then repays the amount fortnightly over a 12-month period.
  • Healthy lifestyle initiatives such as subsidised yoga and Pilates classes, flu vaccinations and an Employee Assistance Program.

Performance pay

The Commission does not have a performance bonus scheme.