Annual Report 2016-17

Readers' guide

This annual report informs the Australian Parliament and public about the Fair Work Commission's performance and compliance with its obligations during the 2016–17 financial year.


The overview includes reports from the President and General Manager and provides information about the Commission, including its organisational structure, Members, history and stakeholders.


The performance section provides information about the Commission's work and performance during 2016–17. It includes an outline of the Commission's performance framework; the annual performance statements, which detail the Commission's performance against intended results and performance criteria set out in its portfolio budget statements and corporate plan; and a detailed discussion of the Commission's operational performance.

Management and accountability

The management and accountability section reports on the Commission's internal operations, including corporate governance, human resources management, financial management and external scrutiny. It also reports against certain legislated annual reporting requirements.

Appendices and references

Seven appendices provide detailed information to complement the main report. Appendices A to D provide details of the Tribunal and its activities; Appendix E comprises the 2016–17 financial statements; Appendix F provides information on the Commission's subscription services; and Appendix G shows where each annual reporting requirement is addressed in this annual report.

At the back of the report are tools to assist you to use the report—including a glossary, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, and an index—and contact details for the Commission.

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