8. Centenary exhibition

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08 July 2016

The centenary of Australia’s national workplace relations tribunal took place in 2004–05, when it was still the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The milestone was marked by a number of events including a travelling exhibition called Centenary of the Commission, a national convention and the launch of a book dedicated to the history of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and its predecessors.

The Centenary exhibition, which remains on permanent display at Fair Work Australia’s 11 Exhibition Street premises in Melbourne (currently in the lower ground lobby), is the most ambitious project to be undertaken by the Sir Richard Kirby Archives under its exhibition program.

The exhibition was designed in three parts—a six-metre long, double-sided physical display, an electronic display, together with a CD-ROM setting out details of the social and economic history accompanying these events, accessed by a stand-alone computer and a collection of framed photographs.

Its content covers the development of conciliation and arbitration over the 100 years since the establishment of the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration in 1904. The detailed timeline features appointments to the tribunal, summaries of significant cases, major legislative changes and key industrial and contemporary events.